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Aynur Doğan – Heavenly Voices 30

Aynur Doğan

– Heavenly Voices 30 –

Turkey – kurdish singer




Daye Daye

open with appropriate media player (suggested player  VLC)

Song Name Length Type Listen ناو گورانی
Ahmidu 5 Min, 32 Sec RAM Listen ئه‌حمدوو
Aynur_2 4 Min, 51 Sec RAM Listen ئه‌ینوور_2
Aynur_3 3 Min, 1 Sec RAM Listen ئه‌ینوور_3
Beperse Jibo 4 Min, 34 Sec RAM Listen بپرسه‌ ژبۆ
Daye Durbun Dejvare 5 Min, 41 Sec RAM Listen دایه‌ دوور بوون دژواره‌
Debi Lili Jan 4 Min, 46 Sec RAM Listen ده‌بێ لێلی جان
Hesenhesen Heiran 7 Min, 27 Sec RAM Listen حه‌سه‌ن حه‌سه‌ن حه‌یران
Kichi Kurdan 4 Min, 32 Sec RAM Listen کچێ کوردان
Li Jira Chiaye 4 Min, 54 Sec RAM Listen له‌ ژێرا چیای
Perwaneim Perwani 5 Min, 19 Sec RAM Listen په‌روانه‌ێم په‌روانه‌
Total: 10 Songs 50 Min, 37 Sec


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