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Melihat Gülses, a flower of the East – Great Interpreters: Beyond the Μusic 17

Melihat  Gülses

a flower of the East

because the soul has no nation, sex, age, end



Melihat Gülses (born in 1958 at Konya, Turkey)
is a Turkish classical music singer and concert soloist.

She took lessons from the most famous masters of Turkish Classical Music such as Bekir S. Sezgin, Alaeddin Yavasca, Tulun Korman, Guher Guney, and Nurten Ipek.
In the year 1981, she began her occupation in Istanbul State Radio by passing the examination of TRT (Turkish Radio & Television).

Since 1997, she has been singing tangos, with The Tango Orchestra of TRT Radio of Istanbul. In Istanbul Music Festival 1996, Melihat Gülses sang Turkish – Greek songs in the concert called “The Songs of Istanbul & Rembetiko”.

She has also been recorded as the soloist of Istanbul Hanimlari Ensemble, in the album ‘Chant du Harem’ in 1997.


In between her works with Kudsi Erguner, a master of traditional Mevlevi Sufi (and one of the best-known players of the Turkish ney flute), she also performed in CRR Concert Hall for the ‘45th Year in Art of Cinucen Tanrikorur’ concert.


She was presented an award for ‘Traditional Music Encouragement’ by music magazine Mavi Nota in 1998. She has performed as soloist in the concerts ‘The Fantasies from Past Through Today’, ‘From Classic to Fantasy’ (27th International Music Festival), and ‘From the Root to Future’ under the direction of Conductor Ihsan Ozer with a special Turkish music orchestra.


She has also performed in Athens, in the concert called “Zaharya” with Greek singer ‘Kiryakos Kalaycidis’ featuring ‘En Chordais Ensemble’ in 2000, and the album of that concert was released in Greece.

biography text by Last FM



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