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Μichalis Charalambidis – The Pontian Question in the United Nations

Μ . Charalambidis The Pontian Question in the United Nations


Pontian Society of Thessaloniki «Euxinos Leschi»- International League for the Rights and the Liberation of Peoples. Athens 2004 p . 183.


book review by Theofanis Malkidis Ph. D., Democritus University of Thrace ( Greece )

Pontian Genocide

Pontian Genocide

This exceptional aesthetics book which circulated in the English language, includes all the interventions of writer for the Pontian question in the United Nations.

The M. Charalambidis ringleader of recognition of genocide of Greeks of Pontos from the Greek Parliament, that in 1994 it established with law the 19th of May as day of memory, it assembled the texts that deposited in the Economic and Social Council of UN, that recommend original contribution in the affair of internationalisation of genocide and more generally in the Pontian question (kryptochristinians in Turkey, re-establishment of Pontians inhabitants from the t. USSR – Romania , etc ).

Apart from historical importance texts to the UN which accepted the Organism in 1998, in 2002 and in 2004 – in the book is included also French, Spanish, Turkish, and the Russian translation – the writer mentions his interventions in the Organisation for the Security and the Cooperation in Europe , what became in 1998 ( included their Turkish and Russian translation).

The writer Michalis Charalambidis

The writer Michalis Charalambidis

Still in the book are included the speeches of writer in international Congresses and events in Europe, in the USA and Greece for the question of internationalisation of genocide of Greeks of Pontos, the recognition of the 19 is May from the governor of New York G. Patakis, the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Peoples ( Algiers 1976), while very useful it is also proved chronicle the historical course of Pont’s inhabitants.The publication with his texts of Μ . Charalambidis, first who is related with the internationalisation of Pontian question constitutes a important make so much for the Pontians inhabitants what for all the Greeks.

Initially for the Pontians inhabitants, it constitutes honour for them after a historical association as Pontian Society of Thessaloniki «Euxinos Leschi» it plays a leading part in the publication proving that the Pontians exceeds their usual pastime with the dance and the song, intervening substantially in the promotion of their affair .

At the same time the book constitutes for all the Greeks a proof for how it can exist action of society of citizens through real not governmental organisations as International League for the Rights and the Liberation of People, which contributes in the questions of defence of human rights and in the recognition of suppressed crimes.

Finally, the volume can constitute driver for the Pontians lives in the abroad and mainly in the USA, Canada, Australia, that front in the negligence and delay of internationalisation of their affair from the Ηellenic state, they can with base this book undertake initiatives to the governments of their countries of stay.

The recognition of the 19th May from the governor of New York -and New Jersey ( USA), from the city of Toronto (Canada) with the existence of monument of genocide, from cities of Australia, shows what they can accomplish the Pontians.


The Ottoman Empire archive document regarding the official census of 1914. Source The Republic of Turkey en:Ottoman Archives. The document is published in electronic form Arsiv_Belgeleriyle_Ermeni_Faaliyetleri_Cilt_1.pdf also the values are presented in the Stanford Jay Shaw, Ezel Kural Shaw "History of the Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey" Cambridge University page 239-241 Date 1914.


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